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    I've had similar problems, though usually finding specialists since I've lived in large enough cities that PCPs are legion. To their credit, I think the actual doctors are more concerned with keeping people who don't need them from using the time that they can't therefore spare for the people who do need them, but part of the reason that they are so swamped is that primary care work and other undervalued areas of specialty can't cover medical school debt, so it's hard for even doctors who want to go into those fields to choose them. And mental health is one of the undervalued fields, making it even more difficult. When you add in the fact that mental health treatment is labor-intensive (even when it's done on an outpatient basis, it needs to be frequent visits over a long period, in a one-on-one context to do any good for the dangerous disorders), a shortage of labor in that range leads to critical absence of care... and that leads to people who want care giving up again, when it's someone else in addition to the patient who may suffer for it.

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