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View Diary: Michael Moore: The gun lobby, tonight, is on the ropes. (Updated 2x!) (192 comments)

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  •  Jared WAS on the radar, by university... (0+ / 0-)

    ... officials, who DID NOT take any action because they were unable to by any legal mechanism. That is a very good example of how the current society and it's laws has FAILED utterly to deal with mental illness. Jared flew "under the radar" of official recognition and diagnosis in addition to the fact that if it were official and he was a diagnosed mentally ill person, there is nothing in our laws that allow him to be dealt with in a preventative manner. Or anything that would preclude him from buying guns, especially in CO.

    Reality CONFLATES the two issues. You cannot solve the problem without dealing with both issues in very real ways at the same time.

    Sane people do not go gunning down dozens of kindergartener's, regardless of gun control laws.

    The guns in CT were totally LEGAL, belonged to his mom, and the fact a mentally ill person was in the home or even related to the gun owner has NO RELEVANCE in our laws currently.

    This was a by the book case as regards gun laws, very strict gun laws in CT, in a world with NO CONTROLS on the issues of mental illness and access to guns by the mentally ill.

    She fucked up twice, 1st owning and not securing the weapons, and 2nd not facing the fact her little boy was a nut job and needed to be dealt with.... and oh by the way, take EXTRA PRECAUTIONS with your weapons in light of the fact you have a mentally ill person in the household with access to the guns.

    She paid the price, he killed her ass first. Too bad all those little kids had to pay the price too. If she was alive she would be a classic clear case for prosecution for DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE MURDER. Guess what, the entire population of the United States is guilty, guilty as charged of 100,000's of cases of depraved indifference MURDER as well, for refusing to come to terms with the realities of mental illness AND gun ownership, and the responsibilities involved in both.

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