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View Diary: Send this to anyone you know who doubts that Obama is a good person. (112 comments)

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    I could see Bush doing this...

    I mean, look at what GWB was doing at the time that 2 commercial airliners hit the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001?

    He was reading to children. Yes, a President is expected to do that from time to time and...if those planes hadn't hit the Twin Towers, that picture of Bush reading My Pet Goat would be as moving a picture as any.

    Again, GWB had management problems and incompetent advisors even and especially on 9.11.

    I think that pictures like this are part of the reason that Obama is now President as opposed to Mitt Romney or any of the other people in the clown car BUT IT'S FAR FROM THE WHOLE STORY.

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      of difference: If the story is to be believed - Bush knew about that the planes had crashed as he was reading the book.

      But I think the main point remains - that this picture of Obama, while a nice picture, would not convince any of his detractors to say, "Oh gosh, look at that picture, I must have been all wrong about Obama."

      People that admire the President love the picture. But his most ardent supporters, such as the diarist, make a critical error in thinking that others besides his ardent devotees would be swayed simply by viewing it.

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        The first plane crash into the WTC was largely considered to be an least that's what the media and government spin.

        Which is why George W. Bush continued reading to the kids.

        It was the second plane crash into the WTC that made Bush and the Administration haul ass...although, IIRC, the military was aware of the destination of that second plane and was deployed to chase it but it was simply too late

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