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View Diary: A Reflection on Mental Illness from a Former High School Teacher (140 comments)

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    I don't know that I could do it.
    Technically a personality disorder cannot be diagnosed in anyone under 18 and even then it's avoided because PD's are stigmatizing. Having said that, we've all seen kids who are so clearly on that path that it would seem to require divine intervention to avoid it. One of the problems that I imagine teachers face is that a child with personality pathology very often has one or more parents with a PD so the parent feels threatened and defensive at any suggestion the child is ill.
    Gads.  I really thought about working with kids until realizing it meant working with parents.

    Stay fired up: now is the time to focus on downticket change! #Forward

    by emidesu on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 05:22:57 PM PST

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