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View Diary: National Review: Newtown Is The Price We Pay For Our Rights (236 comments)

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    I haven't watched FoXNewsChannel in several years.  Usually I watch MSNBC.  But today, for a couple of minutes i watched CNN.  Lo and Behold - they had two clergymen on to offer words from so called "men of faith" to help everyone  cope with the senseless murders of the children of Newtown, CT.  And they did not disappoint the irony that I have in my very pores as an American citizen.  One said, it is god who gives and takes lives and that is the lesson of this tragedy.  We must recognize that god offered his son, Jesus, as a sacrifice so that humans woud realize that life is in the control of god, not men.  That is the comfort of faith, according to this "clergyman."  I say, fuck him.

    And then the second clergyman softly spoke about faith and the promise of eternal salvation (I thought about virgins and the 9/11 terrorists).

    My god.  The US needs to break free from the madness of the right.  The Teabaggers, the NRA gun nuts, the anti-communist extremists, the anti-government secessionists, and others.  The religious extremist Christianists.  They are insane people.  They must be stopped from endangering the rest of us.  

    I am old.  I am leaving my country and my son and his family who live nearby, if this madness continues.  The US has gove over the edge.  The US is outside the community of nations and beyond all reasonableness in allowing guns to go to everyone without limit (Iraq, Afghanistan, primitive uncivilized places on this earth).  No.  It is wrong.

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