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View Diary: National Review: Newtown Is The Price We Pay For Our Rights (236 comments)

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  •  Because "our culture is different" from the rest (8+ / 0-)

    We shall not compare attempts at gun control in America, I have heard over and over again since Friday, with Japan's or Australia's successful attempts, because "we have a different culture." Oh, I damn well understand that "cultural difference" alright. It's our unshakeable culture devoted to the exposure and provocation of meaningless, proliferating violence. The equivocation of masculinity and patriotism with weapons intended to kill people. I've shot assault rifles in gun ranges. And it's still as absurd as it has ever been that our approach to "self-defense" reaches overkill, quite literally. Thirty-round magazines are made to kill more frequently, not to compensate for your shitty accuracy. As for the anarchic, hyperventilation-induced fantasy of New World Orders, UN Agenda 21 resolutions, FEMA gulags, black helicopters, and the other delusional like: recall that the last major instance of American citizens rising up against the government with arms to stand up for its "rights" was amidst a treasonous era known as the Civil War.

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    by rovertheoctopus on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 01:55:22 PM PST

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