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View Diary: National Review: Newtown Is The Price We Pay For Our Rights (236 comments)

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  •  I have been a huge fan of your diaries, Scott, (0+ / 0-)

    for almost two years, and so I am very sorry you feel that way about my comment. And as a fan, I take your words especially to heart. Look, I do appreciate the horror of these events, and in response to that horror, I understand that you want to lash out, but I am not the enemy. Really, I am not.

    FACT: Even if this were a six bullet pistol/revolver, children would have died.

    FACT: If this were a Glock 17, holding 17 rounds, children would have died.

    Where do you draw the line?

    Are you advocating for a ban on all fire arms, which they have in the UK, because that is what I am hearing from some people on this site, and further, when people quote statistics from the UK, this is implied. And that is what I am advocating against, not the question of whether you support assault rifles or not, or background checks to prevent known criminals from purchasing fire arms, which I do support. The point is, if we support, as a nation, the Right to Bear Arms, as the founding fathers intended, then with this right, there is a certain degree of danger, but that danger is the price we pay for the Right to Bear Arms. And that is why the real discussion, for me, is centered around the purpose and intent of the founding Fathers for including the Right to Bear Arms in the US Constitution, namely, a protection against tyranny. Now, if you do not believe that a government, ANY government, can become a tyranny, then we have gotten to the heart of where you and I differ in opinion. But, if you agree that tyranny is possible, then the Right to Bear Arms is necessary, as a prudent deterrent, because no despot would attempt a tyranny against an armed populace, whether the government had superior fire power or not.

    FACT: In the military when dealing with national defense, one must make hard decisions and accept the harsh consequences of those decisions, and sometimes the casualties are innocent civilians ....and sometimes children.

    Do you think I am happy about that? Hell the fuck no!

    The people who make those decisions are not "sick fucks" for accepting this harsh reality with brutal candor. And sometimes that candor might appear cold-hearted, but it is not. I assure you. But there is, at times, a certain spirit of necessary detachment, which is necessary in order to make those hard decisions..... to save lives and prevent tyranny.

    Now, unless you want to hide your head in the sand and make believe that the world is a perfect place and that there are no dangers or no possible tragedies, you might want to rethink your harsh characterization of my words and consider that maybe, just maybe, there is wisdom in my perspective. I am not the enemy.

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