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View Diary: National Review: Newtown Is The Price We Pay For Our Rights (236 comments)

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  •  Did you read my comment? (0+ / 0-)

    It appears as if you did not.

    The views in such a diary are already expressed in this diary... two sides of the same coin. I have nothing new to add.

    And now I have stated that three times. So clearly you are not reading nor comprehending my words. But, you are angry and I really am not the enemy. I promise you that I am not. But I get the sorrow from this horrific tragedy, so I do understand. I have no wish to upset people further, for we are all grieving, in our own way, no matter what you may think.

    Whether I continue to contribute or not, I do not know. It's not that I cannot hold my own in a debate, but I just do not have the time to keep repeating myself to people, like yourself, who are clearly not listening.

    But, I have been a reader of this site for almost two years, and although I have only just recently joined, I do appreciate this site as a valuable contribution to the progressive movement, to the Democratic Party, and to our democracy in general... in a variety of ways, most especially, in the mutually respectful informed discussions. And as such, I shall always remain a fan and I expect to continue as an avid reader, no matter what. This site was invaluable for me during the 2012 election, and I can only imagine that it was equally invaluable during the 2008 election.

    However, on this one topic, many of you seem to be unable to remain civil and respectful. You have proven yourselves to be unable to listen to challenging perspectives. I guess this is understandable, given the horror of this tragedy. I understand, and I will not judge you all on your response to this event alone. No. I am reminded of the five stages of grief:

    1) Denial
    2) Anger
    3) Bargaining
    4) Depression
    5) Acceptance

    You might benefit from pondering these.

    Good day, Sir.

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