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View Diary: Tea Party Nation: Put an armed George Zimmerman in every school (195 comments)

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  •  Belfast Times reports the mother was a "prepper" (4+ / 0-)

    The sister-in-law was interviewed and said the mother feared there would be an economic breakdown and society would end. Belfast Times article

    Which to means she fell more into the Tea Party agenda than not. So the last people I want to hear from are the idiots that are perpetuating ignorant fears to people and perhaps may have contributed to the mind set that was behind this young man going off. Or at least taught him how to shoot.

    As to a couple other points, Zimmerman would have probably been shot dead before he could have taken his gun out. It's pretty clear the young man knew what he was doing.

    I also read something about homeschooling too so I do think that is correct.

    And kudos to everyone who got the NRA to take their Facebook page off-line. At least it's off for now.

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