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  •  I noticed that a long time ago. (4+ / 0-)

    I suggested back during the beginning of the Trayvon thing that maybe we should start a Second Amendment for Black Urban Youths movement, and raise money to give free handguns to every young black man and teenager in Sanford, so they could exercise their Freedom and Constitutionally-guaranteed write to shoot any assholes that they deem threatening to them in casual street confrontations.

    We wouldn't have had to REALLY give away any guns.  We could have just announced we were going to do it and waited for the fur to fly.

    Do you think the NRA and other nutcase pro-gun groups would come to our defense when people suggested we were fanning racial tensions by giving away guns?  I'm still curious about that one.

    In a similar vein, I suggested a few years ago we should start a movement to disarm all of America's homosexuals so they couldn't shoot god-fearin' natural straight people.  I wonder who would have approved and disapproved of that one.

    •  change "handguns" to shotguns (4+ / 0-)
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      MrWebster, Dumbo, mamamedusa, fuzzyguy

      and you comply with Federal laws, and honor the original Black Panthers who are famously pictured with shotguns on the steps of the California State House.

    •  I say give them target practice (0+ / 0-)

      They are always killing the innocents who are simply playing in front of their houses, or studying near a front window of their apartment.

      They already have the guns.  Come to the south side of Chicago if you want proof of that.

      It's simply if they were more accurate shooters, they would hit their intended targets: i.e. other gangbangers who also have guns.  Unfortunately, they miss way too often and we are left with dead children who did nothing more than be born into life in the wrong zip code.

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