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    So do the RKBA people want to keep automatic and semi-automatic weapons, too? I don't support that at all. Covered too many killings and the aftermaths caused by high-powered machines. Have little respect (really None) for gun-nuts who want these things on the streets.

    Somewhere, the interpretation of the Second Amendment jumped the shark. Time to reign it back in.

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      Folks who are members of RKBA run the spectrum - it gets complicated - I'm one.  I hate the NRA,  and the big gun manufacturers, and the fear groups who promote "black people are coming to get you" - arm up' crap.

      I have also worked hard over the years to deal with what is called "inner city gun violence", and gangs.

      OTOH - have had to deal with police violence against us.

      Have supported black rights to self-defense since my SNCC days.

      We live in semi-rural area. most folks here have guns for either hunting or pest/critter control (or both)

      I don't hunt. I will however shoot hawks, turkey buzzards, coyotes, fox and raccoons.    

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      by Denise Oliver Velez on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 05:24:02 AM PST

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