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  •  some of the consequences listed seem odd (10+ / 0-)

    why can't the mom drop off the lunch even given the new requirements?

    how does having a hall pass for the kids protect the kids more if you all know everyone? Why have that rule in YOUR school if it doesn't help protect kids?

    did some outsider impose rules that work elsewhere overmuch on this school?

    if anything push against rules that don't work or make sense , I'd say, if they try similar in your kids' school.

    •  When I was teaching high school in the 80s, the (4+ / 0-)
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      koNko, kayak58, emeraldmaiden, tikkun

      kids had to have hall passes. And all the schools I taught at in PA back then did not have AC , so we often had to open all the windows and open the door to let the air circulate. Since then , a lot of schools are getting central air conditioning installed so they can kept the windows shut and Locked now after Columbine. At least that is what I am hearing.

      But we had to have hall passes when I was in high school 4o years ago too.  Hall passes then and now , I thought was the norm?

      My sister is in a teacher in suburban Atlanta and they instituted a ton of new security policies following Columbine.  I think they had the buzz in system installed when the new school was built last year.  I think all new schools are going to have a lot of security installed at the time the building is built and maybe even thicker steel doors and maybe even bullet proof windows at the front entrance.

      When I was counseling at local jails,  I had to be buzzed in and I was given instructions verbally and never saw a human being until I was directed into a locked room..doors were unlocked through a system..never saw a guard until after my client was in the room where the door locked automatically and I would see a guard in the hallway. It was so strange and I was given instructions where to walk, turn, go and I would hear doors locking and unlocking behind and ahead of me.

      Will schools be that like someday? I hope not that bad.

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      by wishingwell on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 04:06:46 AM PST

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      Am on my conference period and popped in to see what was going on...

      Mom can still drop off a lunch--she will have to buzz in and leave it in the office.  My building has done this for years.

      The hall pass just guarantees that a person in the hall is a student and has permission to be there.  Even in a small school, I would think that a sub might not know every student.

      Our classroom doors are locked.  If someone knocks, we answer but if we heard shooting in the hall we would already be locked in and the shooter couldn't just come in.

      These are standard rules that larger schools have been practicing for a while.  If you think a small school in a quiet community doesn't need rules, wasn't that a description of the CT school?

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        Adding that our outside doors are also locked except during passing periods from one class to another.  Visitors have to be buzzed in from the office.  

        The main problem is that students tend to open the door for other students, even if they don't know them.  I am hoping that these events make them realize they shouldn't do that.  I will say that we have a couple of instances of someone bringing a gun to school and a student would step up and tell someone.  At one time that would have been considered tattling and they probably wouldn't have done it, but they know see the importance and serious potential.

        •  ... (0+ / 0-)

          Adding again that visitors names are screened for people listed as sex offenders.  Some may say that these rules are over the top, but ask any one of those parents attending funerals if they would think so.  As I understand it, they had most of the rules in place but he shot his way through the entrance, proving that it is impossible to avoid every instance.  However, when I look at those faces in the pictures, it isn't that hard to do what we do to keep them safe and I think students feel safer knowing that we have plans and policies in place to protect them in the best ways possible.  It is like insurance--we hope we don't need it and won't feel slighted if we don't, but do the responsible thing just in case.

      •  or mom could just sign in in office and if they (1+ / 0-)
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        not this time

        KNNOW her take it down

        diarist says everyone KNOWS eachother. otherwise they could sign in in the office show ID then go to the class. Why not?

        that's what we did THIRTY YEARS AGO in my Suburban high school...visitors signed in in office. Maybe no ID, not sure.

        In my inner city bank if the teller knows me I don't have to show my ID to get account info.

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