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View Diary: "If I only had a gun..." (updated with much more information) (167 comments)

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  •  exactly. my husband is as nearsighted as you and I (5+ / 0-)

    am the one to locate his glasses for him in the morning. He's also a heavy sleeper who doesn't wake up well. One night, there was a very strange crunching noise in the backyard- and he went racing downstairs (in too much of a hurry to put his clothes on) and stood there on the porch waving the gun in the direction of a big black shadow. Luckily he stopped to catch his breath and didn't shoot the big black cow that was calmly eating the hay out of the doghouse. After that the gun became stored in several pieces in different places in the garage, with the ammo in the house, because that kind of a defense reaction is not protection, making the gun nothing but a danger here, if the grandchildren were to happen to find it.

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