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    Just Bob

    I live in a state where training is required for a concealed carry permit so, out of curiosity, I looked into what was required. Basically, a 4 to 6 hour class and 15 minutes on the range and you are qualified to go get your carry permit. If you can consistently hit a full-size silhouette target from 20 feet away that is all the firearms proficiency you are required to demonstrate. To call that training is a gross overstatement.

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing, about legally required training, be it for simple purchase or conceal carry, that qualifies anyone to respond competently in any situation where they actually need to use a gun. Just like how getting a driver’s license doesn’t mean you are an excellent driver, getting a conceal carry permit doesn’t mean you really know how to use a gun.

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    by Joe Bob on Tue Dec 18, 2012 at 10:35:46 AM PST

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