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View Diary: LIVEBLOG: Progressive statements opposing Social Security benefit cuts (204 comments)

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  •  That's just not the way it works. Your vote (0+ / 0-)

    is an affirmative vote for him as your preference for the person to hold the office he ran for. You can have any motivation, or none, for your vote, but the candidate can't possibly be expected to know it, and therefore your motivation, or lack of it, is entirely irrelevant.

    You can "petition and pressure" any office holder, too. The degree to which they may listen is irrelevant, because that goes back to your rationale for voting, and the candidate can't determine that (at least not ahead of time, which is the only time that matters). So you may have voted for Obama because you thought he was more likely to respond to pressure from the left, but that motivating factor is irrelevant; all Obama sees is that you voted for him.

    The only sure ways to pressure a politician are: 1) threaten to withhold financial support and your vote unless certain basic conditions obtain; 2) following-through with it of they don't.

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