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  •  Why the hell doesn't he (2+ / 0-)
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    blueoasis, Laconic Lib

    offer up a much, much bigger package of benefit cuts, to benefits enjoyed by, say, the richest corporations on the planet? You know, those enjoying record/windfall profits on top of the billions in blatant welfare payments they get every year. Why isn't THAT a reasonable benefit cut package to offer? Why must cuts always be targeted at the poorest, sickest, most elderly segments of the population - the ones with the LEAST money?

    When asked why he robbed banks, a famous bank robber answered "because that's where the money is." In today's world the banks rob us and then the government comes along after them to steal more to give to the crooks. They've already taken our homes, our land, our labor, our children, our liberty and our hopes for the future. All we ever had that was of real value in this world - everything has been devalued to death. We've nothing left but but blood, so of course they want that too. Though they also want to drag out the suffering as long as possible while they're at it, since it's our suffering the Undead depend upon for sustenance, not the death that is its end.

    Why are politicians of all stripes so stubbornly blind to this totally backwards socially suicidal bullshit?

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