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    On one side, you have Obama, who really wants to drive a deal.

    On the other side, you have a party that really really wants to hurt poor people as badly as they can, and blame it on the Democrats. The former is primary, the latter is just a nice-to-have. The way they see it, literally anything they can do to take income away from poor people is less income they have to 'steal' from the pockets of the 'producers'. This is all they want. If they can't get what they want, then they will take a consolation prize, which is anything that damages the US government.

    So Obama is basically negotiating with a pack of lunatics whose every demand is precisely gauged to damage poor people. It's all they want. And all he really knows how to do, when the chips are down, is negotiate. So he's sitting there going, "God, okay, which of these options that I have will cause the least misery?"

    It may even be that he's right: the chained CPI might cause less misery over the next, say, ten years, than the loss of unemployment insurance for several million people will in the next year.

    Obama's in a tough spot, and whenever he is in a tough spot he negotiates. If we'd hired an attack dog for the presidency, I personally think we'd be in a much better position now. We might even hold the House, because 2010 might not have been such a bloodbath. But we didn't. We hired the guy who said that he was going to persuade the Republicans to work with him. And I'm sure there were even people who believed it.

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