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View Diary: Four Dead in Colorado Murder/Suicide (153 comments)

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    I went to a baseball game this summer my nephew was playing in and it happened to be at Columbine high school. I cannot tell you how incredibly horrible it felt for me, and others in my family told me later, to be there. I also stopped at the mall to grab lunch a few months ago in Aurora right next to the theater where the shootings occurred. You cannot erase the memories or feelings after such a carnage occurs. I think it's endemic for a community to have this underlining presence of sadness and anger that occurs after these kinds of violence, no matter how hard it tries to move on. It's happening so much that I'm beginning to really feel unsafe in places I never imagined and I question whether I need or want to go out or not. Then I think about my nieces and nephews, and how if we don't change in response to this building violence, this will become more commonplace in their lives more than ever. This is our chance to act, we must do it now!

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