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    My Republican Little Brother sends his two daughters to a private Christian school because of course he can't countenance the public schools ("The quality of teachers and school is roughly the same," he admits.  "What I'm paying for is the quality of the other parents.").  This season one of the teachers decided to ask the class to share something about their holiday traditions.  Getting to nine-year-old Megwen, he asked her to tell the class something about her family traditions.  "Well, the family comes for Solstice," she told him shyly.  "And we light a bonfire . . ." the teacher moved quickly on to the next student ;->.  Her older sister Sara sighed at the retelling.  "Well, at least you didn't get to the part where we put out cake for Grandpa  and pour whiskey into the fire for the other Ancestors," she said with relief.

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