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View Diary: Defeating NRA Talking Points. The problem with video games... (41 comments)

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  •  Okay, so (0+ / 0-)

    a few video games are bad, thus they're all bad?  No doubt there is terrible shit in this world featured in video games (and if you think that link you posted is horrible, you have no idea how truly deep the rabbit hole goes, especially with some of the crap that's made in Asia and never sees our shores), I think that hardly makes them all bad.

    And if 9 year olds are playing these types of games, I must ask, where the hell are their parents/guardians?  Kids that young shouldn't have free, unrestricted access to the Internet, or video games that aren't online.  Period.

    •  I never said they are all bad (0+ / 0-)

      and I can imagine they get much worse than this one.  I occasionally play video games myself, but I have no interest in games where the object is to kill realistic humans...or any humans at all, really.    

      I also agree that parents need to keep kids from this stuff, but that's not reality.  Same thing goes for real guns, by the way.  We suggest laws restricting firearms and requiring trigger locks and the gun nuts come back and say,"Where the hell are the parents?" just like you did.  In the case of video games, I'll bet there are a lot of parents who have no idea that their kids are just 3 clicks away from playing "The Torture Game 2".  

      What do you suppose a game in a similar vein as this one does for someone with schizophrenia or other mental disorders?  I'm guessing it doesn't HELP their situation.  Or ours.  So kids/parents aren't your only problem.  

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      by Mark Mywurtz on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 04:10:20 PM PST

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      •  The difference between a game and a gun (0+ / 0-)

        should be obvious, but let's just state it anyway:  a gun can kill someone, a video game can't (unless they slice someone with the sharpe edge of a box or disc, I suppose).  And if kids are holed up playing these games for hours upon hours on end, enough to effect them so negatively, then really, where the hell are the parents?  I can understand a kid getting into a gunsafe when a parent isn't home, and firing it off--that can happen in a much shorter timespan than this idea that kids get indoctrinated by violent video games because they play them for days, weeks, months on end with no social interaction or intervention.  So saying my argument has the same merits of "Where are the parents" for guns and video games is disingenuous as best.

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