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View Diary: The picture posted on FB by an NRA friend that set me off (316 comments)

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  •  I have many American relatives (0+ / 0-)

    although I'm Canadian and live with my wife (also an American) in Canada but close to the border.  As a result, we see these relatives often (but usually have to go over there since most don't have passports).  Most of them are tea party/NRA types which makes navigating social occasions often touchy.  There have been lots of exchanges on Facebook, some of them quite heated.  This issue is amongst the most charged but amidst a lot of things that are difficult regarding the Newtown tragedy, two things stand out.
    Many diarists and posts in other publications who are pro gun control seem intent on reassuring everyone that "they don't want to take anyone's guns away".  But isn't that what this discussion is all about?  Don't you want to take assault weapons away?  If you don't, you should.  Personally, I don't understand this whole gun focus and worship of the Second Amendment but I realize that that's an American thing and I can take comfort in the tight controls we have here.
    The second thing is of equal concern.  Relatives and some others have posted on Facebook that the Second Amendment is part of the Constitution "which comes from God"  That's truly frightening.  Constitutions (of any country) were written by human beings to establish how a country is to be governed along with the rights (and in Canada obligations) of it's citizens and residents.  I don't think they come from God and I am not aware of any mention of the US constitution in the bible.  By making this identifcation, they are saying that an assault weapons ban or more complete gun control or even reducing magazine capacities is going against God.  I don't see how Americans can have a productive discussion and debate on this issue when one side believes that their position is supported by God.  Good luck with that

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