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View Diary: The picture posted on FB by an NRA friend that set me off (316 comments)

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  •  Also, (7+ / 0-)

    who's to say she's actually the teacher?  There is a woman in the midst of the children, talking and/or listening.  I would assume she is the teacher, and the other woman just happens to be standing behind them, looking up at the attraction, whatever it may be.

    My understanding is that off-duty Israeli military carry their service weapons with them, and it appears that this is one of them.  I know they stopped having most of them from bringing their rifles home on the weekends due to the high rate of suicide (which decreased by 40% BTW), but otherwise they are still required to carry them.

    Or I could be wrong.  But my assumption is at least as strong as theirs, and completely changes the context of the photo.

    These people want to see the all and powerful gun wherever they can, and rather than seeing what is there, different people visiting a popular destination, they see armed teachers fending off assailants.

    How sad.

    "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

    by Bcre8ve on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 12:43:15 AM PST

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      Also, how dare the creator of the above picture equate Israel to the US! Israel is a war-zone. I think of it as a civil war but I don't want to start a discussion on Israeli policies.

      If we had the same situation here as in Israel I get it. Oh I can here the gun nuts now equating themselves to some poor oppressed group of people.......

      "If fighting for a more equal and equitable distribution of the wealth of this country is socialistic, I stand guilty of being a socialist." Walter Reuther

      by fugwb on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 05:39:20 AM PST

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