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  •  gun control :freeze the market (0+ / 0-)

    With all the guns out there, and the rabid beliefs, I think its impossible to do much about the existing gear. If we had a FREE Anonymous exchange for the clips, most people still wouldn't cooperate - unless after a year any possession was a big felony.
    If we just made any sale of an semi-auto pistol (or any definition) absolutely illegal, then 'normal' law-abiding no underground connections people will not find guns easily. Freezing the exchanges will lower the value above board ( not zero, but it can;t be passed to another, so ... zero?), and raise it underground, which isn't a terrible thing.
    Only way to get rid of a gun is turn it in. Unless of historical or direct family inheritances.
    That should make them disappear from normal life. And easy pickings for ATF Narks, so semi-autos will be invisible.

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