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  •  The Problem is, (1+ / 0-)
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    like guns, these games (violence heavy) find a way to get into the wrong hands.  I was at a friends house two days ago and her 13 year old son was playing some game where you are the shooter. I had my own son with me and I refused to let him near the TV. If people could be trusted with common sense and the rules in place actually limited access then I would say "game on"! But I do believe that these games serve to desensitize individuals to violence if they are played too early in a child's development. I think one problem is that as I was growing up games, like T.V. gradually pushed the violence envelope and allowed for adjustment to an individuals temperament. Today if you start off playing violent heavy and sexually aggressive games of the level they sell, then the amount of violence portrayed immediately becomes your low end tolerance level.
    In short increasingly violent video games that find a way ( and they do ) into the hands of kids not ready for them, are the backdrop in this theatre where semi autos are the main character. We should work as gamers to limit access to children of anything not rated to their level. Other than that it is a great way to escape and has been a proven method for relieving tension and stress. Gotta get back to my game. It's a role playing one where I design and operate my own business. Not as much adrenaline rush I suppose, but no shooting or raping to contend with either.
    Peace- NOLAcatlover

    •  A child with agressive tendancies and isolated (0+ / 0-)

      and an obsession with assault rifles could clearly be influenced in the wrong direction.

      Surely there are challenging, fun, interesting games out there that don't involve assault rifles.

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