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  •  Blaming games gives gun advocates political cover. (2+ / 0-)
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     As people have already said, video games are being used as a convenient scapegoat.  Regardless of whether or not you like violent video games, people have to realize that the only real factor in gun massacres is gun access.  It doesn't matter how many violent fantasies any video game could hypothetically put in someone's brain, without access to guns, those fantasies could never be reality. (As people have also pointed out, there are plenty of people playing violent video games in places like Japan, the UK, Canada, etc., but gun massacres aren't happening there.  That's empirical data, not hypothetical speculation.)  

      If we allow the arguments to shift from gun control to things like violent video games, we are only playing into the hands of politicians who would rather not be forced to deal with the real issues.  In the 90's politicians tried to blame gang violence on gangster rap, because that was much easier than addressing things like systemic poverty, inequality, injustice, racism, etc.  It was an easy out, and a way to get themselves off the hook.

      Politicians want nothing more than to find a easy cover, something symbolic and ultimately meaningless that allows them to look like they are doing something when all they are doing is looking for a way not to have to stand up to the forces of the NRA and other members of the gun lobby.  We can't give politicians the kind of easy cover video game blame will give them.  

     Gun control not video game control is the only solution.

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