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View Diary: Is Going Over The Cliff Necessary Now? (269 comments)

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  •  Well, you clearly have not been reading the news (10+ / 0-)
    •  Or I have been reading the news (0+ / 0-)

      And realize that there is no deal until there is a deal. I absolutely agree about making our voices heard about the proposals we don't like but I think it is beyond presumptuous to try and psychoanalyze the president and his motives.

      This is what I know for sure and I all I know for sure.  Chained CPI was being discussed as part of a larger deal on the tax rates, continuing targeted tax breaks for the middle and lower class, and spending programs include UI.  

      Some things in that deal would have helped some people who will genuinely be devastated if we go over the cliff and the chained CPI would have hurt seniors down the line.  In other words the deal will hurt some people progressives fight for and help others we supposedly fight for.

      If we go over the cliff some people progressives fight for will be protected for the time being and others will be face some real hardship.

      Basically all of this involves choices that will end up hurting some vulnerable group or another.  The question then comes down to which group are we and the President willing to see hurt?  Sounds like he was willing to think about seniors taking  and others are willing for the unemployed, children who use headstart and other social programs taking a hit.  

      Making that choice on either side  is not a matter of not wanting to fight.

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