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View Diary: Republicans offer wide array of reasons for inaction after Sandy Hook massacre (114 comments)

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    While we are wasting electrons on a hopeless cause, Obama is making an offer that the GOP might not be able to refuse on taxes and entitlements.  

    Write this down:  Nothing.  Will.  Be.  Passed.

    Nothing.  The GOP House will not even bring a gun control bill to the floor.  I doubt the Senate could get 51 Dems to vote for it, let alone the 60 needed for passage.  Unless you live in a gun state (I live in PA), you just can't imagine the power the gun lobby weilds.  Gun control is a litmus test issue for a lot of rural and suburban blue collar Dems.  I know.  My father was 30 year union steelworking Roosevelt Dem, and he'd have voted for Satan himself if he ran against a pro-gun-control Dem.  And all we ever owned was shot guns and hunting rifles - wouldn't have a pistol ("too dangerous" in my Dad's words).  But, he considered ANY gun control, even assault weopons and pistols, to be the "thin edge of the wedge".

    I guarantee you that most of the Dem House members from PA won't touch this with a 10 foot pole.  Unless they are from urban Pittsburgh or Phil, they'd be sliced and diced in the next election.  The same goes for sportsman areas like WI, MI, OH, NY, etc..

    The NRA has gone underground, because when a tragedy like this happens, there is literally nothing they can say.  People and the media don't want to hear it.  But, soon Christmas and New Years will be here, then the NFL playoffs, then another scandal, natural disaster or news event will be front page, and the heat will die down.  Hunker down and wait for a better field to play on.  Didn't we learn that from the Clintons?  The NRA will be back up and running soon, when the time is right.  After Columbine, we thought we'd seen a turning point.  We were wrong.  This will be no different.

    I doubt there are very many Dems in Congress who want to run in 2014, in Obama's second midterm, after raising taxes and perhaps cutting SS, on a record that includes supporting gun control.  You want to resuscitate the GOP, gun control is the issue to do it with.  

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