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    Unfortunately, it's difficult not to make the observation about this phony, ginned-up "cliff" stuff -- and really about the by-now-indisputable fact that the Congress legislates almost purely on behalf of the 1% that holds 40% of the wealth no matter which "party" runs the putative show -- that until we have tens upon tens of millions of people in the street and marching towards DC like an irresistible force to give their representatives a choice between 1) a Constitutional amendment barring corporate money from the electoral process or 2) a Second American Revolution, the dog-and-pony propaganda parade platter of sham democracy of, by and for the very wealthy will continue unabated and ad infinitum.

    "Some of you are going to die... martyrs, of course, to the Freedom that I will provide!"

    by emperor nobody on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 01:36:08 AM PST

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