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  •  A must read book on economics and policy (0+ / 0-)

    I have been posting this a few times recently.

    Written by a friend, it shows how both parties over the last few decades have rigged government statistics to hide their game of maintaining power.

    It is extremely well read and should be required reading for all of us here at DK.

    Only an informed public can stand up to the 1%.  And the public will NOT become informed from the corporate media.

    Notice that all out of the blue, it seems, Chained CPI jumps up?

    We have used the rhetoric of the economy to attack our culture and the biosphere.

    Environmentalists like David W. Orr have pointed out that a whole new level of governance, economics and law are needed to deal with the climate collapse. And here we go again with the oligarchy winning the day.

    A book written by a friend that was published this year is REALLY important to understand the whole frame of the current debate. It covers the games like chained CPI.

    Here is my comment from earlier today on the book. I have not written a review of it for DK because my diaries never stay around long enough to make a difference.

    The book could be a solid piece of the DK message if DK would realize that both parties are part of the problem and need to be redirected.

    Here is the link:

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