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  •  The point I'm trying to make is this: (1+ / 0-)
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       You are not going to make much progress going after guns. SCOTUS has ruled. I think doing something comprehensive about the mental health issue is possible. The families of these people are begging for help. Nothing comprehensive is going to be done about guns. I hope we expand the background check to gun shows and the internet. That's probably all that's possible.

    •  let me take this opportunity to explain the gun (1+ / 0-)
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      show loop-hole to those who want to know the real facts.  I  don't care if people agree with me on guns or any other political issue, but I have proven through many years here that I do not lie about the facts.

      Many people talk about the "gun show loophole" but I wonder if they really know what that means. And to be clear, I am including politicians when I say this.

      Here are the hard facts, with no political opinion involved.  There really is no "gun show loop-hole".  What it comes down to is this.  There are two types of sellers at gun shows.  There are the traditional sellers, who have federal firearms licenses, and there are average joes who have nothing but some guns they might sell and others they might buy.

      The traditional sellers are licensed FFA  holders, they are required to run all sales through the NCIS (national criminal background check) just like any gun store, it doesn't matter if they are at a gun show or a swap meet, it is the law.

      The so called gun show loop-hole really describes the non gun dealers who usually buy a booth and then display a few guns to sell.  These are legally regular citizens just like you and me, but they plunked down a few quid to have a table at a gun show.

      So here is the rub.  In most states, people are allowed to sell their property.  It is no different than selling a car or even a t.v.    It does not matter if the sale takes place at a gun show, a parking lot, or your living room.

      So the only way to end the "gun show loop-hole" is for a federal law that says individuals can not sell their firearms property to another individual unless the buyer goes through an NCIS check.  So if I own a gun, and want to sell it to my buddy, we would have to go to the local gun shop and run an NCIS on my buddy before the sale, and at a price of course.

      Anyway, no one can deny what I have said here, it is simple fact.  So I hope people at least now know what is meant by the "gun show loop-hole".  I am not arguing either way here, I played it strait down the middle.  

      Simple translation of the "gun show loop-hole" is that many want to federally legislate that gun owners can not sell there firearm property to another person without an NCIS check.  It really has nothing to do with gun shows.  As a said, gun dealers with ffa licences must run the same checks at gun shows as they do in gun shops.  

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