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  •  Now I get to spend more time writing bad poetry: (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    jbou, shaharazade
    Salt and Sand

    Peril and toil
    and worry,
    the wind washes it away.

    Out a few times.
    Planted my lips
    on a nice ass.

    Life is mostly peril
    and terrible endings.
    Believing and saving
    and worrying.

    At the bar
    a sow bays
    drink in hand,
    “I don't care!
    Do something now!”

    A reptile, with a look
    of deep concern says.
    “We need less freedom
    to protect freedom.”

    My hand tenses
    and I stop breathing.

    “Jesus, shut up asshole!
    I'm on vacation!”

    Everyone stares
    a few stop talking.

    “That fucking bird
    knows more than you!”

    I head out the door.
    Before a glass flies.

    The most self-defeating thing
    is the power of a machine.

    The talkers
    they save everything
    for themselves.

    Always for someone
    but really for themselves.

    Spreadsheets, white boards
    and long speeches:

    - Following
    - Leading
    - Better tools
    - More reliable parts
    - Capability
    - Productivity
    - Trust
    - Teamwork
    - Heroes

    I shake myself awake.

    Parts are unusually heroic
    but even the most steadfast
    parts break, eventually.

    It's either that
    or de-provisioning
    on an amortization schedule
    as tax write-off.

    Even the dilligent
    bean counter knows
    that no amount of parts
    can fix everything.

    On an empty stretch
    trees and the worms sift.

    The sun burns out
    leaving only
    salt and decay.

    Sand and water
    washes over my feet.

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