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    And what innocent would? But that's the entire point. Nobody teaches swimming lessons after the child has already drowned. You can't wait for the children to seek out information on drugs, or sex, or  violence... you MUST give them the knowledge to protect themselves.

    I'm sorry to disagree so forcefully, but my daughter turned 12 this past weekend, and she's developmentally delayed. I would have LOVED to use that excuse to  not tell her about what happened, but that's not reality. I told her, then banned her from TV with that reason. We spent the weekend seeing The Hobbit, visiting grandparents, and enjoying her new gifts.. but your girls are ALL , I assume, developmentally age appropriate... you can't shield them. They know, and if they don't hear it from you they'll go into "protect parent" mode where they don't talk about it because they think YOU can't handle it.

    Kids worry and take on too much these days. They think they have to solve the problems, on their own, because the messages form their cartoon heroes are about independence and leadership. They internalize these horrors as something that they should just "cope with"... they won't tell you they already know, they'll assume you don't know.

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    by Cinnamon on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 08:20:42 PM PST

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