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  •  In what world is this true? (0+ / 0-)
    For example, it's clear that elimination of drugs would be more effective than elimination of firearms. It would also be easier:
    Easier? Easier?  Have you not been paying attention to the failure of the "War on Drugs"?

    Help us to save free conscience from the paw Of hireling wolves whose gospel is their maw. ~John Donne

    by ohiolibrarian on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 03:24:12 PM PST

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    •  My (too well hidden it appears) point... (0+ / 0-)

      ...was that the war on drugs has been an ineffective disaster. It has also caused additional violence by driving prices of drugs up and making trade in them an illegal activity reserved to criminals who use guns to protect their interests.

      A war on guns will have much the same effect. It will be as hard (except against law abiding citizens of course) to enforce a firearms ban.

      Acceptable quality firearms can be made with equipment that fits in a two car garage. This will only get easier and faster as 3D printers become cheaper and more functional for making various internal "non load bearing" parts although the receiver and barrel probably won't be practical to make safely on home 3D printers for a long time. Right now, no one bothers (nor did they during the "assault" weapons ban) because such weapons are not really necessary -- weapons that were not banned were perhaps not as "scary" looking, but were just about as functional for whatever crime one wanted to commit.

      Mass produced firearms can be smuggled in from other countries and, once here, last virtually forever (as will the existing firearms).

      Obviously we can't stop drug smuggling in/out of the country after all these years of trying, why would we think we could stop smuggling of firearms once it became interesting and profitable?

      •  And yet, zip guns can be made (0+ / 0-)

        by anyone in their own home right now. They even have the advantage of not being traceable.

        And yet, I've never heard of mass shootings with homemade guns.

        Oh, OK people will smuggle guns ... just like they do into all the countries that have very few gun homicides. They may do it, but make guns harder to get and fewer stupid/crazy/angry people will have them handy when they have the urge to kill.

        You know, even this guy had 20 years of living without shooting up anyone. He might never have acted on whatever demented reason he had last Friday if he hadn't had ready access to lots of firepower.

        The point is our country would be different if guns were not normalized. We were not always this way in America and we don't have to continue this way.

        Help us to save free conscience from the paw Of hireling wolves whose gospel is their maw. ~John Donne

        by ohiolibrarian on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 08:33:11 PM PST

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