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  •  The game of historians (5+ / 0-)

    Playing what-ifs with toy soldiers :)  I say that as a proud owner of my history degree, of course.  

    I think if the French had kept their treaty obligations in '38, and Hitler had forced a war against his generals advice, it would have been disastrous for the Germans.  Reducing the Czech fortifications would have taken precious time and lots of troops - meanwhile, the French, with a determined push, could have smashed through the German paper defenses in the west.  I wouldn't be surprised in that scenario to see an opportunistic Poland make a move on Germany's eastern front.  As you mentioned, the Luftwaffe was not as prepared in 38, and the German army was simply not mechanized or large enough to fight on two or even three fronts at once.  

    Of course, in that scenario, I don't think you'd see any appetite for a total war - France would probably be happy with retaking the Saar, Poland would gain some territory, and the German war machine would be defeated, but not dismantled.  It's a guessing game whether Hitler retains power, but who could have feasibly overthrown him, even in a defeated Germany?

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