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    This is one of the best of the guideline type of diaries because it isn't indirectly preachy or self-righteous which turn most readers off, nor is it designed to start another fight by indirectly accusing other users on a side as being worse than the diaryist's side.  That's really one of the worst types of diaries and it always causes fights while confusing unaware readers and those who jump in without understanding the somewhat veiled intention.

    One reality that I think very few people realize when they make generalities about the site is how many users are here.  I'm retired and have as much free time as I want to commit to reading here and I basically enjoy it and find it valuable for many different reasons.  I also enjoy the analysis of the wide-ranging membership and the huge number of dynamics in play.

    It varies of course but I generally recommend from 150 to 200 diaries a week out of 300 to 400 that I read.  I only know that because of Jotter's statistics in his reports from the weekly high impact diaries when he also includes a shorter list of users who have recommended the most diaries.  There are others who read more, but I know that I read less than half the total in a week.

    There are several thousand active users a day and great numbers come and go frequently.  And of course many read without signing in often so they are never counted. Unfortunately Dkos recently quit recording the total number of readers (signed in) because of the drain on resources before the election this year.

    My point is that NO ONE is speaking for a majority of users, even if they know a few hundred.  And front page polls, which come closest to an idea of how users feel about any issue, only catch those few who are present at the time, read the diary poll and decide to answer with a choice.

    A lot of this nonsense with bickering would end if people who profess to speak for or about the site and those reading realize it means nothing much at all.  And they are never going to be able to speak for the site or even a significant portion of it regardless of how many friends they muster to rec and support them in individual instances.

    This is just an additional point to your excellent list of guidelines and commentary.  I could say a whole lot more but few people will read it and most has been said before.

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