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  •  If we can't critique our leaders in a democracy... (5+ / 0-)

    on a political blog--it's not much of a democracy, IMHO.  

    When our democratically elected "representatives" make laws or implement policies that in some way personally adversely affect us, we are likely to get a wee bit, um...upset.

    The November elections are over, and our leaders are off the campaign trail and done making promises.  Now they are showing whether they can/ will keep those promises.  We, the People, are back to watching and evaluating what they do.  

    As far as Emotional Intelligence goes, the easy part is "identifying and assessing" emotions.  The real problem for most of us come in the "Controlling" those emotions.  

    I know I've not always mastered the "controlling" thingy all that well at times.  For many, if not most of us, controlling our emotions is a work in progress--especially when it comes to things like political discussions in a deeply divided nation.  

    Yet, if we could all master that emotional control; if we could disagree with civility and mutual respect, wouldn't the world, and this country be a far, far better place?

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