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    Many spree shootings (I don't have the figures in my head) involve the shooter buying the weapons used in the shooting within a relatively short time of the incident. I support erecting as many road blocks as possible to the successful completion of a sale, and an insurance registry would be effective in causing a person to reflect twice about their anonymity as a gun owner.

    But you raise an important point. There simply has to be an effort of some kind to make the purchase of highly destructive weapons illegal, and if individuals are in the process of creating a large private arsenal, law enforcement and the insurance industry should be made aware.

    Between inception of a criminal act and it's execution there are warning signs and incidents along the way each of which might be sufficient to expose and bring down the plan. This is also true of anonymous spree shooters. So I do see an advantage into creating an atmosphere similar to the mandatory auto insurance system. Unfortunately implementing such a process will take a long time and will probably be bargained down by half measures into limited effectiveness.

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