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  •  Like you said this has already been addressed (0+ / 0-)

    by insurance companies in liability cases.  It's a negligence claim and that is covered under a number of insurance forms.  But that hasn't prevented gun violence.  The intent and the effect is not an insurance issue.  It's a gun issue and should be addressed as such.  Cobbling up some kind of insurance policy just for gun ownership is not the way to go. Though they do have them but it's more of a commercial policy. At best a governmental form such as the National Flood Insurance would be a way to try this but much easier to pass laws that will directly impact the violence instead of a backdoor way through insurance.  

    Let's tackle one issue(s): Compliance and enforcement.  Say they did pass some kind of law requiring insurance.  A one time premium?  That's really a tax and I have no issue on a tax for a compensation fund.  Would that curb the violence?  No.  What about a continuing premium?  What happens if they don't pay the premium?  You can't have the insurance company come in and confiscate the  gun.  What right would they have to do that?  Make it part of the law? Then they are just operating under the color of the law and it's a government function and a violation of the rights of the owner.  All kinds of due process issues then.  

    Again, the issue is not best addressed by dressing up some kind of insurance law but actual gun legislation. I'm for very very strict control of all weapons and ammunition.  You could even bans guns completely and I'd support that.   But muddying the process by insurance is not the answer.  

    Romney is George W. Bush without brains.

    by thestructureguy on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 08:21:20 AM PST

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