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  •  We don't know what she was doing to deal with (1+ / 0-)
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    her son's issues.  We don't even know if she stored the guns safely and her son had access to the gun safe.  Since there was reporting that she planned to move to Washington so he could attend a special school, she wasn't unaware she did need help with him.

    People at the gun range they frequented said they had not been there the last 6 months.  I just bet she never connected son-has-issues with guns-don't-belong-with-crazy.

    That's the thing about having a kid with "issues."  You start excusing all sorts of behavior that an outsider would not.  We can look at her and say "Oh my god why did she have guns in her house?"  She probably saw it as "a nice hobby that goes with my prepper lifestyle."  For which we can thank the gun industry for pushing all that fear around.

    Even if she had high gun liability insurance bills, she would have just paid them.

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