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    We do not want to, or have the money to, fence our land. The part included in the portion containing the house is roughly 250 ft by 1,000 ft. (Have another larger tract too)  It wouldn't make any difference, the bullets would go right by the fence, be it metal, wood, wired, electrified, etc.  

    We'd welcome you to pay for it.  We did buy a 25 ft roll of snow fence & put it up where the snow mobilers were going the most, 12 yrs ago.  They just waited until the snow was deep enough and ran right over it, destroying part of it.  In addition, the gun nut & snow mobiler next door complained about it's bright orange color destroying his view.

    In addition, the money spent on fencing, would not be a good investment on improving the value of the land when it comes time to sell.  

    The high price of gas has curtailed some of the teen joy riders on snow mobiles.  Which is why insurance premiums might have an effect on some.  

    On the other hand, I have just been told we are facing something like $9,000 in dental costs, because of the progressions left from a spill off a bike at age 10.  Root canals, implants, temp plate, and bridge; the whole bit.  Financing the college ed of the dentist's kids, no doubt.    

    Someone asked where our next trip was going to be.  I said to the dentists chair, for the next 2 trips.  This isn't funny.  Of course I could have all the uppers pulled, and false teeth.  And look like a hag for the next 20-30 yrs.  Extremely fortunate that we can do this at all.  If chained SS goes forward, wouldn't have the option in 10 yrs (for reasons explained on previous posts)

    Why should we have to be "pro-active" to the point that it costs us thousands when people are contemptuous of existing laws and don't take responsibility for being good neighbors? When we were younger, we DID put the signs up every year.  Only to have to do it again.

    Pro-active?  One year I did spend 3 frozen hours hidden in a thicket, to pop up and confront the guy who was riding his snow mobile through the woods.  He didn't return.  

    And the tracking corgi followed a trail which lead right from the home of another with an older teen, through our woods, to this target area in a field.  Corgis are very versatile dogs. Kid was called out on this.  I think it shook him up a bit to find out he was found out by a 25 lb corgi.

    Why should the people in Sandy Hook loose their children; the people of AZ loose their Congress Critter & people who happen to be near a supermarket;, because Adam's & Jared's families couldn't face the responsibility to deal honestly with their child's dysfunction?

    Too many have a blind spot with this gun thing.  Fed up here.  As I said before, "YOU PEOPLE" have pushed this thing beyond the point of being reasonable, on this subject.  (Quoting Ann Romney)

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      I disagree with your approach, but it is a free country. The problem in my eyes is not with the literally millions of law-abiding people in this country who legally own, use, maintain and store their firearms, be the purpose for which they use same hunting or target shooting; some have great sentimental or financial value (e.g. antiques).

      LBJ, Lady Bird, Anne Richards, Barbara Jordan, Sully Sullenberger, Ike, Drew Brees, Molly Ivins --Texas is no Bush league! -7.50,-5.59

      by BlackSheep1 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 04:18:40 PM PST

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