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View Diary: Congress Condemns "Zero Dark Thirty" as Grossly Inaccurate (153 comments)

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  •  Such is the price of access, I suppose (11+ / 0-)

    I haven't seen it and frankly have zero intentions of doing so.  I just don't watch that many movies any more and this certainly is not on the list.

    But isn't what we are seeing here indicative of a much larger problem.  Any time anyone (reporter, movie maker, etc.) is helped by the military, CIA, etc., the product becomes hopelessly and skewed to the point of being propaganda.  I think the possibility exists that Kathryn Bigelow did not intend to make a movie showing how useful torture is but that it ended up this way due to her dealings with the CIA.  

    An alternative point of view is being posited by Andrew Sullivan that the torture that is depicted, as much as it reflects reality, blows out of the water any discussions about "stress positions" or enhanced interrogation and lets everyone know that what we did was truly torture.  He feels that this is a valuable service provided by the film.  Again, I haven't seen it.  

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