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View Diary: Congress Condemns "Zero Dark Thirty" as Grossly Inaccurate (153 comments)

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  •  I dunno (4+ / 0-)

    I think criticizing the political messages of a movie or book is fair game and necessary. That's quite different from arguing that a movie is bad simply because you disagree with its politics. David Edelstein of New York both raved about the movie and called it morally reprehensible. (Personally I don't know if I could love a movie whose politics I abhor. A soft-on-slavery? Nah, I don't think so.)

    ZDT distorts the facts in a way to either ignore or downplay 1) the dissenting voices within the government, so that torture and unabashed pro-torture statements and left unchallenged 2) the fact that torture was counterproductive (2 of 3 people who were tortured -- KSM and Al-Nashiri -- had info about the courier but refused to give it up and at the same time gave false info that set back the hunt.) 3) the fact that legal, humane methods are more effective - the best info about the courier came from Hassan Ghul before he was tortured.

    There's no aesthetic reason to exclude the key parts of the story. They made choices, with moral implications.

    •  I think the Edelstein type of position... (0+ / 0-)

      Is just fine if you disagree strongly with a film and like it otherwise. It's also fine to say "I disagree with this movie's politics and also think it's a piece of crap creatively and here's why." It's also fine to say "I think this movie makes a really dangerous statement and I think it should be pointed out but I'm not really going to address it's creative merit."

      What I don't care for is, "I object to this movie's presentation of X issue and I therefore think it's a piece of crap."

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