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View Diary: Bilbo Obama opens negotiations with the Trolls (124 comments)

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    Eyesbright, joe from Lowell

    you were going in a different direction with this.

    you see, in the movie, at least, Bilbo DID negotiate with the trolls.  he discussed with them ways in which they could cook the dwarves, buying the necessary time for the trolls to turn to stone when the light shone on them.

    Bilbo Obama offered the Republican trolls a bit of what they wanted.  Don't take the Dwarfs' Medicare, maybe just cut the rate of growth for their Social Security benefits.

    Meanwhile, the trolls, too stupid to realize what was going on, fought among themselves, and were defeated as the light was shed on their filthy ranks.

    so, yeah.  metaphor works, but not in the way you wanted it to

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