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  •  Lucky guy (3+ / 0-)
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    skrekk, ms badger, rosarugosa

    Dodge county here and it's shovels for now.

    I'm afraid driveway will be frozen tonight.   Not just icy bottom....   but frozen drifts.

    •  You're screwed. I feel for you. (4+ / 0-)
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      ms badger, JeffW, Fleet, rosarugosa

      Or at least my muscles feel for you after all the shoveling I've done today.    It'll take an extended thaw to get rid of that stuff on your driveway after it freezes, but the warmer than normal ground temp might help a bit.    I made the mistake once of not shoveling out the dog kennel after a storm like this, and there was a foot of ice in there until spring.

      The upside is that the drifting from the winds tonight won't be so bad since the snow is too heavy.

      •  3 driveways plowed (1+ / 0-)
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        As for my part, I shoved 3 mailboxes plus the bottom of my driveway a bit, as well as snowplow "drifts" for about 70 yards.

        2 neighbors got to work with pickup truck and skid loader for our 3 driveways.   1 more bad driveway and mailbox tomorrow, plus my own driveway which is only partly done.

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