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  •  I mostly agree with that, with the caveat (17+ / 0-)

    that you need to know a bit about the 'local' store.  As I noted in a comment downthread, I found that a longtime 'local bakery' was mostly simply buying the cookies they sold from some larger wholesaler on the cheap and adding a huge markup.  Up until one careless comment from an employee, I'd always assumed, as I would guess most other customers did, that they actually made their own products, since they were a 'bakery' and displayed them as if they were locally made, not selling them or displaying them in branded packages.

    •  Sure, you should be careful with local (5+ / 0-)
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      Vetwife, marleycat, mkor7, GDbot, tobendaro

      shopping, just as you would with anything else. But, as a small business owner, I resent the diarist's suggestion that most small business owners are Repugs or Libertarians. That's certainly not true in my small town. Frankly, there are very few instances when you aren't handing your money directly to 1 percenters when you shop corporate brands.

      Also, I will point out that I carry items that are made in the US and those made in China, albeit by brands that I trust, and I see how few people are willing to fork over what will literally be a couple of extra dollars for American products. I try extremely hard to feature American-made items, and I promote them aggressively. But I can't change the world singlehandedly. I refuse to carry any product that I don't have the utmost faith in, and I think my customers know and respond to that. But I need other people to play along so I'm selling out of every American-made product I carry. What I and other local business owners need is certainly not to be attacked for our imagined political leanings. That's lousy. Judge everything on an case by case basis, please. That's the only way to live your life responsibly.

      •  Here and There (0+ / 0-)

        I found it difficult to write diaries at first because I had to narrow and qualify every word in order to be clear and exact. The more I write, the easier it gets, but something is still sure to fall through the cracks.

        I was speaking of small business owners in my area, which is where I've had most of my interactions. I'm happy to learn from your comment that outside the South the situation isn't so bad. Thanks for that. It's encouraging.

        A Southerner in Yankeeland

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