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View Diary: Boehner Plan B does not include chained CPI? Take it off the table (143 comments)

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  •  Nothing the White House wants is in the counter. (6+ / 0-)

    If by counter you mean the Plan B bill. It doesn't contain anything the president wants.

    I'm stumped. Seriously I am. Are you basically saying that Boehner demanded chained CPI and the White House granted it to him because he doesn't really want it?

    •  According to the White House: "The President did (0+ / 0-)

      include it in his counterproposal." After the Republicans made the offer. An offer they have now rejected.

      It is clear that you are representing yourself as a much more knowledgeable source than the White House. And yet you find great chuckles in my comment.... Funny indeed.

      •  Ned...I'm not trying to insult you or make this (4+ / 0-)

        a personal thing. I'm seriously trying to understand what you're talking about.

        You're saying the Republicans asked for something, the president granted the request, and now they don't want what they asked for?

        Perhaps this is the reason the President offered this as a counter measure....he knew they would reject it.... This to some Republicans is a poision pill..... And the President has just shoved it at Republicans, while appearing to offer concessions..... I think it's brilliant.....
        So, if I have this correct, your position is that Boehner doesn't want he asks for, and the President offers what he doesn't want to give.

        And you think this is brilliant?

        •  Again, I'm not sure what you are confused at. I (1+ / 0-)
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          ten canvassers

          presented transcript of Carney stating that the Republicans wanted the Change CPI. Did I not? Was this something I made up out of whole cloth?

          Your position is twofold.... One, you believe Carney is not being truthful.... I happen to believe him.... Secondly, you seem to be incredulous to the fact that Republicans have asked for stuff in the past and later rejected their very own demands.... Perhaps you assume a level of perspicacity in the Republican mindset than I certainly do not..... Nothing personal as well....

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