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    I'm sorry that you think people of my generation are callous.  That is not what I experienced when growing up.  We were very concerned about people in general and we worked very hard to rectify a lot of wrongs.  You should have been there.  It was much harder than anything Obama has encountered, and yet we had the courage to see it through until we won.  We were demonized, spit on, called every despicable name in the book, but we succeeded in changing the political climate in D.C.  We won a lot of victories for the poor, minorities, and women.

    The younger people that I was referring to are the ones who sit by idly and watch innocent children killed by drones and never raise their voices in protest; they're the ones who watch the destruction of our planet but never protest when Obama allows another energy company to rape our land; they are the ones who watch Obama put our social safety net programs on the negotiating table and instead of protesting they scream at all of us oldies to stfu.  They are the ones who believe there is nothing wrong with breaking campaign promises; to them, it is just politics as usual.

    They have no problem with the 17 million children who go to bed hungry everynight.  As long as they can point the fingers at the Republicans, they don't have to feel responsible for enabling a President who has all but ignored the poorest people in our country.

    If you're not one of those type of people, then I have no problem with you.

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