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  •  i would not say carter was conservative, but (1+ / 0-)
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    he was not a liberal.  more importantly, he did not accomplish that much despite always having a big D majority in both houses.  carter did not work very well with D's in congress for some reason.

    95th congress
    292-143 D
    61-39 D

    96th congress
    277-158 D
    58-42 D

    obviously, that includes some conservative D's, as well as a few liberal R's.

    filibustering was also uncommon at that time.


    clinton faced 2 hostile houses who were determined to destroy him personally.  obama faces unprecedented obstruction from a party that is completely willing to harm the country to hurt him politically.


    i don't think that deregulation was really a partisan issue then.  ralph nader supported airline deregulation, as did ted kennedy.

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