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  •  I went over the cliff in 2008 (26+ / 0-)

    My freelance work dried up due to the recession, and my investments in mutual funds lost half their value. Being self-employed, I didn't qualify for unemployment at all. I had absolutely no safety net except to use my savings to cover much of my bills for the past three years. I had to cancel my health insurance a few years ago too, since in the midst of all this, my rates had nearly quadrupled since 2005 or so.

    I have no family to fall back on for help, as my parents are in their 80s and just squeaking by on $1400 a month of Social Security. I started buying stuff at yard and estate sales and selling it on eBay, which helped somewhat. Not until this past year did I start getting sufficient work again, but by now I have almost nothing left in savings--no safety net of my own left, and if work dries up again, I'm still not eligible for unemployment. But somehow, I did manage to scrape by.

    My hope is that Obama doesn't cave now to all the Republican demands because of trying to protect those who need unemployment such as you. Because if he does, and they get their way, things will get so much worse for all of us. Worse than if we go over the cliff. Best of luck to you.

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