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  •  The bestest-cast scenario... (5+ / 0-)
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    ... is that there is a law past that retroactively extends benefits, just like we suspect there might be a retroactive extension of the tax cuts.  What my unemployment officer advised me was to keep filing for benefits in January even though they aren't getting paid, and then hope that there is a bill that retroactively authorizes the payments on those claims.

    The difference, of course, between retroactive UI extensions and retroactive passage of the tax-cut extensions for 98% of us, is that those UI benefits matter NOW and need to be received NOW.  If all our taxes go up after the cliff, and then retroactively get dropped again, it won't make one lick of practical difference.  If people are asked to wait a month or so without receiving their UI benefits, not everyone can just sit around a month and wait for a retroactive patch.

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